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Mandy & Wendall’s November 20, 2016 Litter

Puppies learn a lot in a short period of time. When we put them in the Weaning box we also start their potty box learning. Mandy, canine mom, has already started in the whelping box (pool) teaching them not to soil their sleeping area. She is a great mom! Watch these little ones learn so fast what to do!



Below are some of the video from Chloe and Ginger’s past litter. We will be breeding these girls for a 2017 Spring Litter. Chloe’s Litter DOB: April 29, 2016, Ginger’s Litter DOB: May 5,2016


Oh how the puppies grow! Ginger’s chunky babies.

We have all kinds of pretty faces. GREAT temperaments! This group has been the most loving and affectionate group. We cannot wait to introduce them to the Great Outdoors soon!

Chloe’s puppies are now 6 weeks old. Their First Adventure Outside!