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Long before we breed for your perfect puppy, we have the mother on a very healthy personalized nutritional diet.

When she is pregnant we increase her supplements (read about NuVet Plus Supplements) and continue this increase through her nursing and pregnancy recovery. During the puppies 4th week, when we start them on their Puppy Mush,  we start them on the NuVet Plus, double dose.

With the help of a very knowledgeable Animal Nutrition Consultant we have been able to perfect the nutritional value for our canines individual needs. Please read about Canine Nutrition.

Early Puppyhood4

The first 4 weeks the puppies are with their mother and taught by her. We take care of the mother and socialize with the puppies.


In the 4th week the weaning process begins. They are introduced to their puppy mush. We then take over the mother’s training and incorporate the potty and house training. Our puppies are very intelligent. Several of them will learn the potty box in 24 hours. The others, while playing, sometimes forget and take a little longer. However, ALL of them by the 6th week are fully potty box trained. No mistakes!


We start the Grooming at two weeks. First we cut their nails on a regular bases. We do mock drying and brushing to get them used to the process. By week 4 they receive their full bath, drying (we use a low setting with the hand held dryer) and brushing. The nail clipping continues. Since they are water dogs they love their baths. Since they are part poodle they love their time spent grooming, looking good. By week 7 we start getting them used to the noise of the clippers and do some minor face trimming.


At 49 days we use the Volhard Puppy Aptitude Test for each puppy. This test helps determine what their adult personality will be like. We then use the result to match the right puppy to the right person/family. We also take the Show profile stance pictures at this time so you can have an idea what the puppy will look like when full grown.


We start their deworming at 2/3 weeks. Note: ALL puppies have worms. If a breeder tells you that their puppies do not have worms this will tell you that they are a breeder who does not know about breeding and puppies. We deworm 2, 3, 4, 6, 8 (longer if they are still with us). We start their vaccinations at 6 weeks.

In Summary

This introduction to training and routine continues until they go to their forever home around weeks 8/9. If the puppy is not sold it is entered into our Professional Puppy Training program where it  will receive a much more detailed training and is then sold as a trained puppy. If you desire to have a trained puppy you may request this training at an additional cost. See Professional Puppy Training on this website.