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Many factors are involved in determining the cost of a puppy.

Bottom line: Your Puppy is priceless!


Our F1b litters are medium size. (average weight 45 to 60 lbs., 22 to 24 inches high)

Our F1 litters average standard size – 55 to 65, 22 to 26 inches high.

Please realize that any litter can have smaller puppies and larger puppies.

  • Deposit is $500 (All deposits are non-refundable)
  • Price per puppy (regardless of sex): $2000  (SC residence add 6% sales tax)
  • All puppies come with Contract, include Health Guarantee, health records and Puppy Pack (which includes all kinds of goodies)

Please do not send deposit until we confirm by phone.

Please note: Trained Puppies range from $3500 to $5000. Sometimes we have trained puppies. Or you may choose a puppy and enter it into the training program.

Included in the Pricing

Our pricing is based on the countless hours, days, weeks and months of careful planning. The following is included in our price:

  • Careful and considered breeding of the parants, taking into account their pedigree and background to assure the most optimal puppies
  • Watchful care of the mama dog during her gestation period. From feeding her special foods and nutrients to providing her emotional support as her due day approaches
  • Our parent dogs have special indoor living quarters. They are always under our watchful eyes and receiving hugs, 
  • We have a special nursey for newborns in the center of our home, so the pups are born and raised with caring humans and cousins all around them.
  • We have set routines and schedules to monitor their growth, health and personality.
  • We spend time and consideration in matching a puppy to the new parents, taking into account the new parents’s lifestyle and needs. 
  • When our new puppy parents bring their pup home, they know their pup is the best Goldendoodle in every way.

Responsible Breeding