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September 2017 Litters

Ginger’s Litter

Chloe’s Litter

Past Litters

Below are weeks 4, 5, & 6:

  • The puppies enter their weaning box to start their weaning and introduction to puppy mush.
  • They also start their socialization with the grandchildren and other family members.
  • We start nail clipping at two weeks, however, they receive their first full groom around 4/5 weeks.
  • They will continue with grooming for the next several weeks.
  • They will also receive much stimulants in the way of toys and day-to-day training. While they still sleep a lot their waking hours are full of appropriate activities.

Playtime with Poppa!

These pictures shows the father playing with his pups. He is very much involved with the canine socialization from 7 weeks on. He is a big boy, however, with his children he is a gentle giant.

Playtime in the ‘Hood!

Playtime is a very important time in a puppies life. These puppies are 6 weeks and in the puppy pen being introduced to the outside world. They love it!