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One of the benefits of purchasing a Sunset Goldedoodle is the credentials of the parent. We take much time and pay close attention to the traits and characteristics they are likey to pass on to their puppies. All the adult dogs live with us! and can be seen on site.


Ginger comes from Europe. She is our newest girl. Her father was a Vice World Champion in The International Show. Her health test are the best yet. OFA hip Prelim is Good, however, her PennHIP is 80 percentile!

All others are Good and Normal. She is our smallest Golden Girl weighing in at only 60 pounds.

She is stunning and a perfect example as to what a European Golden Retriever female should look like.


Our Mandy comes from a father (Standard Poodle) who boasts several Champions in his line. Her mother (an European Golden Retriever) is an International Champion and her line comes from Russia, Romania, France to just name a few.

We chose Mandy for our F1 mother because of her very pretty face, good form and wonderful temperament. Her OFA test results are Normal and Good. As are her other test.

Her favorite past time is hiking and swimming. Actually, she likes fish the most. She loves being with her human family and playing with all her dog friends


Wendall is our main sire. He comes from a long line of Champions, even his father and mother are Champions. His form meets the Standard Poodle standards. He is just beautiful! More importantly he has aced all his health test. His PennHIP is very,good: 70 percentile. His OFA is Good and Normal. His CERF(eyes) and Heart is Normal as well as all his other test.

We chose Wendall not only for his good looks (and he does turn heads) and his excellent health but also because he is highly intelligent. He loves learning new things everyday.

He is very sensitive to his humans, which is a wonderful aspect for a good Standard Poodle. He also looks after all his canine family. He is the BEST!

Chloe Rosebud

Also known as Chloe or Rosie, she is our European Golden Retriever. Her father is an International Champion and both mother and father comes from long lines of Champions.

Her OFA test are Normal and Good. Her heart is Good. And she does have a large heart for any she meets. She loves people.

Mandy is her best friend and she loves playing with her and her human family. She loves hiking, swimming and boating.

Lulu (Retired)

Lulu is the mother of Chloe Rosebud (above). She has always been our main female for our Golden Retriever breeding. However, since our list is growing, she has agreed to be a mom of Goldendoodles. She has natural wavy fur which we feel will help produce great wavy and curly fur for the Goldendoodle puppies.

She loves being a mom. When not being a mom she loves hanging out with her family. She is very affectionate with everyone she meets. Because she is very obedient and learns fast she has even had a part on stage. Of course she was a hit!

As with all our dogs she has had all her testing. Good hips, knees, heart, eyes, thyroid.

She has Champion Parents and comes from a long line of Champions.