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A Puppy Mill. Lots of dogs in crates. Minimum Nurturing.

What you MUST know!

Let us talk about pricing for a minute. I know that when you are searching for your puppy, price comes into play. And most of you wonder why the pricing of a Goldendoodle puppy is all over the board. Let me educate you for a minute.

There are many types of breeders:

Puppy Mill breeders that house female dogs in a cage that they never leave. The purpose of each dog is to have puppies or, if male, be available when a female is in heat. PLEASE NEVER support them.

Next there is the Backyard breeder. This person thinks it would be easy to make a quick buck so they put two dogs together and have puppies. Their prices will be all over the board. They will sometimes use easy phrases like ‘Health Warranty’ to make you think that they know what they are doing but they do not know their dogs; they do NO health testing. In fact they will try to convince you that Health Testing is totally not necessary. Be cautious! Health diseases are real. Read about them under Important Information on this website.

Then there is the Hobby Breeder. They may or may not know what they are doing. They may test or not test their dogs. Make sure you know what you are doing in buying a puppy and ask lots of questions. A good breeder will never mind questions.

Finally we have the Professional Breeder. Ah, now, you say, I have found the right breeder. Again, not necessarily. However, many Professional Breeders try very hard to breed the best of the best with their dogs. The trademarks of a good breeder are:

  • They know their dogs’ pedigree, meaning their dogs’ lines.
  • They health test ALL their dogs. Even the ones that have come from good lines. They do this because they know that even in good lines a dog will appear that is not breeding quality.
  • Their first concern in breeding is to find dogs with excellent temperament.
  • Their second concern is to find dogs that meet their breed standard. In other word, their conformation or looks show exactly what that breed should look like. Next they set a high health standard and make sure that all their dogs meet that standard. This is where the strength of a breeder comes in. Almost every good breeder has had a dog that has a great temperament, wonderful conformation, BUT fails their health test. Though this is painful AND has cost the breeder a fortune to be at this disappointing cross roads, an EXCELLENT Breeder will spay or neuter the dog and find another that will meet their strict standards. We have experienced this twice in our years of breeding. It is a very sad day. However, we will only breed Good Dogs. We want you to have a healthy dog. And we want our dogs to have a healthy, happy life.
  • A Good Breeder will interview you by phone or in person asking you questions regarding you and your lifestyle, which will help the breeder match the right puppy with the right person/family. The breeder will also want to know about your knowledge on the breed, dogs, care, training, feeding, etc. If a breeder is just anxious about selling you a puppy, RUN AWAY!
  • A Good Breeder will be with you every step of the way for the life of your dog.
  • A Good Breeder will provide contracts, warranties in writing, heath records and all the support you will ever need.
  • A Good Breeder will invite a buyer, if possible, to visit, meet parents of puppies and see the area where the puppies live. We feel that all puppies should be raised inside in the center of the family activities. They should have contact with different members of the family and other dogs and even cats.
  • A Good Breeder will NEVER let the puppy leave their siblings before 8 weeks. Some breeders may even wait longer depending on the puppies’ development.

So when it comes time for pricing a Good Breeder has to take into consideration all the expense he/she has put into their dogs to bring you a healthy, beautiful, happy puppy with the best temperament. Show dog quality will run from an average of $2000 – $5000 (they can run much higher with many show titles). Complete health testing on Golden Retrievers and Standard Poodles will run from $2000 – $3000 the first year.

You know the old saying: You get what you pay for!!! and If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is!!!