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Meet the parents!

Puppies born May 21, 2018! More information and pictures coming soon.

We have bred Ginger and Wendall. If you are interested in her upcoming  litter please fill out the Puppy Application. If you have questions or need more information please contact us.


All Puppies are spoken for.

  • Cameron W. – NC – Deposit Confirmed
  • Beth S. – NC – Deposit Confirmed
  • Gina J. – NC – Deposit Confirmed
  • Ginny H. – NC – Paid in Full
  • Ginny H. – NC – Paid in Full
  • Ginny H. – NC – Paid in Full


Six puppies from Ginger’s May 2018 Litter.

Twelve puppies from Ginger’s 2017 Litter.

Ginger certainly broke Sunset Goldendoodles record by having 12 puppies! They are 4 weeks old in this pictures. We tried taking a picture of all 12 at one time…. Well we managed, more or less, to take a picture of 6 at one time. Enjoy these sweet faces. They will change so fast in the upcoming weeks.