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Who we are

We are unique in the world of professional breeders! Our adult dogs live with us. Their puppies are rasied in our homes under the watchful eyes of their human and canine family and friends. We modestly claim to have the best socialized puppies in the world!

Our Mission

At Sunset Goldendoodles, we have years of experience in breeding dogs. Our dogs have been hand-raised and physcially and emotionally evaluated to bring you a healthy and happy puppy and a grand companion for life.

Our breeding protocols are designed to  provide extraodinary care and nurturing to our puppies. From pre-natal care and early and consistant environmental nurturing to the day we our pups leave into the arms of their new families, we are committed to bringing just the best Goldendoodles in this world.

About us

We have many interests from dance, music, art, travel, swimming and hiking. But mostly we like to hang out with our human and canine family and friends.

We have many members of our human and canine family to help us bring up each batch of puppies so that you can be confident that you will receive a well balance and adjusted puppy.

However, there are two main persons that you will have contact with: Dawn Atwell and Julianna Harris.

Julianna will usually answer the phone or emails. Feel free to contact her at anytime.